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Harwood Driving School Ronan Brogan Rating:5 out of5
Ronan Brogan Review
Ronan Brogan
10th Aug, 2017
Couldn't ask for a better driving instructor. Calm and freindly, first time pass easy and smooth. Brilliant and easy car to drive, and cheap rates to boot. Reliable, turned up on time. Highly recommended! ?
Harwood Driving School Steven Precott Rating:5 out of5
Steven Precott Review
Steven Precott
21st Jul, 2017
I would Highly recommend Harwood Driving School as lessons feel comfortable. The instructors are very friendly and expierienced as well as proffesional and punctual. I passed first time on my driving test and would without a doubt recommend them to friends and family.
Harwood Driving School Charlotte Hall Rating:5 out of5
Charlotte Hall Review
Charlotte Hall
17th Jul, 2017
Fully recommend Mark at Harwood Driving School, best instructor around. Led me to passing at my own pace with zero minors. All of my lessons were well structured and had very clear direction. Thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Harwood.
Harwood Driving School Gemma Hardy Rating:5 out of5
Gemma Hardy Review
Gemma Hardy
10th May, 2017
I would definitely recommend Dan as he's a friendly, professional driving instructor who ensures that you drive to your best ability. I have passed my test first time today and he arrived on time to every lesson. His VW Golf GT is a great car to drive
Harwood Driving School Mathew Chandler Rating:5 out of5
Mathew Chandler Review
Mathew Chandler
10th May, 2016
A big thanks to Dan for getting me through a first time pass! His always 100% professional, personalised teaching has helped me gain a quality skill. My initial anxieties about driving are long forgotten as he made me feel comfortable, confident and excited about driving. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone looking to learn how to drive, not just pass the test. Thanks again, it was a lot of fun learning to drive with you. Matt
Harwood Driving School Paul Silcock Rating:5 out of5
Paul Silcock Review
Paul Silcock
17th Feb, 2016
Just a note to say its been a pleasure learning to drive with you Dan. I will definitely be recommending you to my family and friends. I'm Really happy with today's result, as so much depended on me getting through.
Harwood Driving School Steven Cavanagh Rating:5 out of5
Steven Cavanagh Review
Steven Cavanagh
10th Jan, 2016
Following an accident on my motorcycle I decided that after 7 months, it was time to say goodbye to my cold, damp and sometimes dangerous commute to work and hello to Dan who helped guide me through 20 lessons to my test in just 6 weeks, resulting in a first time pass with only 2 minors. I found Dan to be the perfect tutor, a patient, honest and diligent man, who took great pride in ensuring that I was not only up to test standard, but that I would also be safe for the many road miles that lie ahead of me. Thanks again Dan for the perfect start to the New Year, it's been a pleasure!
Harwood Driving School Liam Thorpe Rating:5 out of5
Liam Thorpe Review
Liam Thorpe
16th Dec, 2015
After looking for a good driving school in Bolton, I settled on Harwood driving school run by Dan Ison. I'm glad I did, his driving lessons were very professional, at advanced driving standards. And result! I passed first time today with only 3 minors despite being a little nervous on the day. Thanks again Dan, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who wants to find a top driving school in Bolton.
Harwood Driving School Sanjay Savanni Rating:5 out of5
Sanjay Savanni Review
Sanjay Savanni
27th Nov, 2015
The name says it all. Dan pointed out 3 minors in my generic driving before the test. I got 3 minors what Dan pointed out, in the test. Seven 2hr lessons and I passed. He's the Godfather of driving instructors. SIMPLES.
Harwood Driving School Mohammed Khan Rating:5 out of5
Mohammed Khan Review
Mohammed Khan
10th Nov, 2015
Just an email to say 'thank you' to Harwood for helping me pass my driving test at the first attempt. My instructor always explained everything really well - which helped me pass my driving test after having only 7 hours of lessons with him. Most of all, thank you for being so flexible with timings which helped me book an earlier test date; I was desperate to at least experience the test as soon as possible, and being able to pass it with 5 minor faults on the first attempt was a real bonus. Having taken 2 lessons prior with the AA driving school in Bolton (near work), I can definitely say Harwood are far better and I would always recommend you to anyone looking to take lessons. Thanks for everything.
Harwood Driving School Jack Berry Rating:5 out of5
Jack Berry Review
Jack Berry
20th Aug, 2015
I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Dan for giving me the confidence and ability to pass my test first time after only a few months of lessons. He strived on improving me as a driver whilst providing a high quality professional service unparalleled by any other instructor in the area. It says it all in the name 'exceptional' and that's exactly what you get. Right down to the choice of car which is comfortable and easy to learn in. It's also not very often you hear the examiner praise the driving instructor as well as the driver after passing.Dan's passion and enthusiasm for his students is evident as he prides himself on developing his students into a high standard of driver. I would 100% recommend harwood driving school because of Dan's patience and professionalism. The structure to his lessons were clear and concise and he gave me a realistic time frame to push me to succeed.
Harwood Driving School Courtney Graham Rating:5 out of5
Courtney Graham Review
Courtney Graham
17th Jun, 2015
Daniel is a really good instructor to learn with and would recommend him to anyone thinking about taking lessons. He is patient and doesn't get annoyed if you make a mistake. When I first started driving I was really nervous, but Daniel taught me to be more confident on the road and I ended up passing my test first time!