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Harwood Driving School Emma Bradley Rating:5 out of5
Emma Bradley Review
Emma Bradley
15th Jun, 2021
My experience of driving with Dan has been highly enjoyable. He has been very reliable throughout. Thank you very much :)
Harwood Driving School James Oxborrow Rating:5 out of5
James Oxborrow Review
James Oxborrow
14th Jun, 2021
Dan is an excellent instructor who always med the lessons enjoyable. He was always on time and never cancelled. He helped me pass first time!
Harwood Driving School Chloe Latham Rating:5 out of5
Chloe Latham Review
Chloe Latham
18th May, 2021
I would 100% recommend Harwood driving school. He helped me with my nerves and his lessons were good quality and good value.
Harwood Driving School Kyomi Ogden Rating:5 out of5
Kyomi Ogden Review
Kyomi Ogden
26th Nov, 2018
First time pass with 0 faults on my driving test today. To begin with, I was such a nervous driver but Dan simple was amazing who put me at ease. Dan was punctual throughout my time driving. I really enjoyed learning with Dan. I am truly ecstatic with my end result. I would highly recommended Dan and after 0 faults this is the reason why he is top A grade driving instructor.
Harwood Driving School Rebekah Cook Rating:5 out of5
Rebekah Cook Review
Rebekah Cook
1st Nov, 2018
I never thought I would pass my driving test with my dsylexia and dsypraxia but today I passed with 3 minors. I'm so thankful for finding Dan, he never let me down, always on time, changed lessons if needed too due to work commitments. Catered to my needs and learning style while giving me the correct amount of instructions, my lessons were structered week to week. Dan is a very patient instructor I am so thankful to have found him, I never thought I would pass and today I did and it's thanks to Dan for believing in me that I could do it.
Harwood Driving School Ellie Stones Rating:5 out of5
Ellie Stones Review
Ellie Stones
18th Sep, 2018
Absolutely fantastic. Passed my driving test at Bury. Extremely helpful, will never give up if you can’t do something. Felt so relaxed all the time on my driving lessons. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else. I’m so grateful for everything and it was amazing.
Harwood Driving School Niamh Orrell Rating:5 out of5
Niamh Orrell Review
Niamh Orrell
13th Sep, 2018
So happy!!! Passed first time. Dan was always on time with stuctured lessons which adapted to my needs. Would highly recommend!!!
Harwood Driving School Ryan Kay Rating:5 out of5
Ryan Kay Review
Ryan Kay
7th Sep, 2018
Passed my driving test today with Dan as my instructor, great instructor and couldn’t have passed without him. Very good lessons and doesn’t rush anything. Definitely highly recommended.
Harwood Driving School Macayla Kruger Rating:5 out of5
Macayla Kruger Review
Macayla Kruger
15th Aug, 2018
Very happy with my experience! Passed first time thanks to an amazing instructor. He was always on time and never let me down. Would highly recommend Harwood Driving School.
Harwood Driving School Georgia Rogerson Rating:5 out of5
Georgia Rogerson Review
Georgia Rogerson
15th Aug, 2018
Amazing instructor, I never got let down! Everything was explained to me so clearly & I passed first time
Harwood Driving School Taylor Goodram Rating:5 out of5
Taylor Goodram Review
Taylor Goodram
16th Jul, 2018
Really happy I’ve past my driving test with only two Minors, would totally recommend Dan for structured driving lessons in the Bolton area. Extremely happy !!!
Harwood Driving School Tom Griffiths Rating:5 out of5
Tom Griffiths Review
Tom Griffiths
13th Jul, 2018
Really happy to past first time. Great instructor, always on time and happy to teach.
Harwood Driving School Chloe Brock Rating:5 out of5
Chloe Brock Review
Chloe Brock
6th Jul, 2018
I have thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Dan! I am so delighted, I passed first time this morning!!! I was super nervous for my test but Dan reassured me, helping to keep me as calm as possible. I am delighted that I've passed but I will miss having my lessons with Dan. Dan is an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend learning with him!
Harwood Driving School Rebecca Leach Rating:5 out of5
Rebecca Leach Review
Rebecca Leach
5th Jul, 2018
Today my daughter passed her test first time under the wonderful tuition Dan. He is very calm during the lessons and makes helps you learn to drive safely and effectively. Would recommend 100%
Harwood Driving School David Thompson Rating:5 out of5
David Thompson Review
David Thompson
4th May, 2018
My instructor Dan was super friendly and very professional helped me learn everything I needed to know to help me pass. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Highly recommend. :)
Harwood Driving School Charlotte Wilson Rating:5 out of5
Charlotte Wilson Review
Charlotte Wilson
30th Mar, 2018
Been learning to drive for the past nearly year, Dan is a great instructor and gives excellent advice for on the road. Very supportive and always helps you to progress to be the best driver possible!
Harwood Driving School Suchinder Singh Rating:5 out of5
Suchinder Singh Review
Suchinder Singh
20th Mar, 2018
Loved learning from Dan. Have been driving an automatic for many years, wanted to go in for a manual licence. Quite a journey to unlearn some bad habits that I had picked up along the way, learn new good habits and start using gears. Passed first time thanks to great interactive and personalised teaching. Recommend Dan, you will enjoy his ways of improving your driving skills.
Harwood Driving School Andy Walters Rating:5 out of5
Andy Walters Review
Andy Walters
2nd Mar, 2018
I had Dan as my instructor. I passed my driving test today. He came to get me 6am and thanks to all his teaching skills I am now a passed driver. Couldnt recommend someone better. (Thanks for not giving up on me Dan.)
Harwood Driving School Leandra Maria Rating:5 out of5
Leandra Maria Review
Leandra Maria
19th Feb, 2018
Best driving instructor in Bolton by far, I have just passed my driving test with 0 faults! He is an excellent teacher, always on time and very polite. I would highly recommend Dan to be your driving instructor! Thanks Dan
Harwood Driving School Grant Kelly Rating:5 out of5
Grant Kelly Review
Grant Kelly
16th Feb, 2018
Harwood driving school has been an excellent way for me to learn how to drive in Bolton. After doing my research and contacting several different instructors, this driving school was definitely the best choice I could have made. All of my driving lessons are well planned out, and help me to learn at my own pace. I've been working on getting over what I find difficult and have felt supported the entire way. Dan, the instructor, is very experienced, punctual, and professional. I've recommended this driving school to all of my friends and family, and would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a great way to learn to drive in Bolton.
Harwood Driving School Ali Khalid Rating:5 out of5
Ali Khalid Review
Ali Khalid
16th Feb, 2018
Both my sister and I have taken lesson with Dan and without a doubt, we would both highly recommend harwood driving school. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Dan, who is an encouraging and organised instructor. The VW golf provides an excellent driving experience for first time learners
Harwood Driving School Harry McCardell Rating:5 out of5
Harry McCardell Review
Harry McCardell
14th Feb, 2018
Had a great time learning to drive with Dan, he was always punctual and professional. Loved the car and so pleased with my first time pass in Bury!
Harwood Driving School Tom Richardson Rating:5 out of5
Tom Richardson Review
Tom Richardson
9th Feb, 2018
Passed first time today with Harwood Driving school with 1 minor fault. Recommend highly to anyone. Dan is calm, kind and makes you feel comfortable and confident in your driving. He is always punctual aswell. His Golf 2.0 TDI is an easy and comfortable to drive. Couldn't of asked for more
Harwood Driving School Danny Curran Rating:5 out of5
Danny Curran Review
Danny Curran
8th Feb, 2018
Passed first time! Dan is a great instructor. Never late, answered all my questions regarding driving, and make sure I was practically fault free before my test. Highly recommended!
Harwood Driving School Liam Bottomley Rating:5 out of5
Liam Bottomley Review
Liam Bottomley
15th Jan, 2018
Best instructor going 10/10 would highly recommend. Passed first time this morning on the new driving test. fantastic car easy to drive, professional instruction given around bolton, easy to understand. My driving lessons were well structured and planned.
Harwood Driving School Beth Liddle Rating:5 out of5
Beth Liddle Review
Beth Liddle
24th Nov, 2017
My driving test result today is a first time pass thanks you the professionalism of Dan at harwood driving school. I really enjoyed the car and all my lessons, and Dan helped me settle my nerves before my test.
Harwood Driving School Charlotte Singleton Rating:5 out of5
Charlotte Singleton Review
Charlotte Singleton
16th Oct, 2017
I’ve loved my experience with harwood driving school, my instructor was great and never let me down! I would highly recommend to anyone trying to find an instructor, I have just passed my driving test and it was my first time, I didn’t feel nervous as my instructor had taught me everything I needed to know! The car was amazing to drive and I loved my whole experience of learning to drive. less
Harwood Driving School Connor Carline Rating:5 out of5
Connor Carline Review
Connor Carline
16th Oct, 2017
I passed on my first attempt with Harwood driving school on my 18th birthday today. He is a very good driving instructor with a really nice car and he is always on time. I highly recommend
Harwood Driving School Vanessa Virgo Rating:5 out of5
Vanessa Virgo Review
Vanessa Virgo
13th Oct, 2017
Just passed first time!!! Dan is extremely helpful and professional. Never let me down. Always calm and understanding. The car is fantastic to drive in, very easy to drive in. Drove around bolton and Bury, getting used to many roads and feel completely confident and safe. Would highly recommend to anyone that needs to pass, especially first time! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Harwood Driving School Kathryn Griffiths Rating:5 out of5
Kathryn Griffiths Review
Kathryn Griffiths
27th Sep, 2017
Dan has been a fantastic driving instructor!!!! I was a very nervous driver and he put me at such ease and today thanks to dan I've passed my driving test!!! I would recommend harwood driving school to everyone!!
Harwood Driving School Anneliese Tems Rating:5 out of5
Anneliese Tems Review
Anneliese Tems
27th Sep, 2017
Passed today with two minor points. Dan has always helped me if I was stuck on any areas of driving that I needed to cover, to feel confident and safe on the road. Highly recommended as he is patient, understanding and honest. Furthermore, he help me with my nerves as they sometimes got in the way. Thanks Dan!
Harwood Driving School Myles Bayliss Rating:5 out of5
Myles Bayliss Review
Myles Bayliss
21st Aug, 2017
Had a fabulous experience, super car, super instructor, pass first time!!
Harwood Driving School Ryann Brooks Rating:5 out of5
Ryann Brooks Review
Ryann Brooks
11th Aug, 2017
Just passed first time today! I highly recommend Dan to everyone, he is a very reliable instructor who was always on time and was extremely helpful in every lesson. Really really happy that i have passed all thanks to Dan!
Harwood Driving School Rebecca Smith Rating:5 out of5
Rebecca Smith Review
Rebecca Smith
11th Aug, 2017
Highly recommended, passed first time with Lots of encouragement. Lovely car to drive in and very polite and professional instructor. I enjoyed my lessons and dan is very reliable and punctual.
Harwood Driving School Ronan Brogan Rating:5 out of5
Ronan Brogan Review
Ronan Brogan
10th Aug, 2017
Couldn't ask for a better driving instructor. Calm and freindly, first time pass easy and smooth. Brilliant and easy car to drive, and cheap rates to boot. Reliable, turned up on time. Highly recommended! ?
Harwood Driving School Jenny Aspey Rating:5 out of5
Jenny Aspey Review
Jenny Aspey
10th Aug, 2017
Thanks so much to Dan my instructor and his excellent tuition I passed my driving test with just 1 minor fault. I would highly recommend Dan and Harwood driving school to anyone. He was patient and really helped me to feel confident and safe driving on the roads. Thanks again and I'll see you out there! :-)
Harwood Driving School Steven Precott Rating:5 out of5
Steven Precott Review
Steven Precott
21st Jul, 2017
I would Highly recommend Harwood Driving School as lessons feel comfortable. The instructors are very friendly and expierienced as well as proffesional and punctual. I passed first time on my driving test and would without a doubt recommend them to friends and family.
Harwood Driving School Alicia Kiernan Rating:5 out of5
Alicia Kiernan Review
Alicia Kiernan
21st Jul, 2017
Took my driving test today at Bolton Driving Test Centre after learning with Dan at Harwood Driving School and have past first time! Dan has been very patient with me as I was a very nervous pupil, he is a very thorough instructor who always arrives to lessons on time. I would highly recommend Harwood Driving School if you are looking for driving lessons in the Bolton district
Harwood Driving School Charlotte Hall Rating:5 out of5
Charlotte Hall Review
Charlotte Hall
17th Jul, 2017
Fully recommend Mark at Harwood Driving School, best instructor around. Led me to passing at my own pace with zero minors. All of my lessons were well structured and had very clear direction. Thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Harwood.
Harwood Driving School Jacob Gallie Rating:5 out of5
Jacob Gallie Review
Jacob Gallie
7th Jul, 2017
Learnt to drive with Dan at Harwood Driving School and me and my brother have passed first time with 2 minors. Dan has always been on time and has never cancelled any lessons, throughout my time with Harwood Driving School I have been prepared brilliantly to pass the test and also drive in all conditions. Would highly recommend!
Harwood Driving School Eamonn Downes Rating:5 out of5
Eamonn Downes Review
Eamonn Downes
6th Jul, 2017
Excellent Result! I have passed my driving test 1st time with just one minor fault today with Harwood Driving School in Bolton. Each lesson with Dan was productive and I could tell my money was being very well spent. I enjoyed every lesson and I have learned so much about driving and the road system in Bolton and other areas. This has prepared me for driving properly for life. The added Roadcraft Training will help keep me safe and out of harms way. I highly recommend Dan to anyone considering taking driving lessons. I can't thank you enough Dan!
Harwood Driving School Gemma Hardy Rating:5 out of5
Gemma Hardy Review
Gemma Hardy
10th May, 2017
I would definitely recommend Dan as he's a friendly, professional driving instructor who ensures that you drive to your best ability. I have passed my test first time today and he arrived on time to every lesson. His VW Golf GT is a great car to drive
Harwood Driving School Jemma Greenhalgh Rating:5 out of5
Jemma Greenhalgh Review
Jemma Greenhalgh
4th May, 2017
Dan is a friendly, reliable, highly competent Instructor. He made me feel completely at ease. After being an automatic driver for some years and in the Emergency services I had a lot of pressure to pass manually. I would highly recommend Harwood Driving School.
Harwood Driving School Jake Crilly Rating:5 out of5
Jake Crilly Review
Jake Crilly
28th Apr, 2017
i can HIGHLY recommend learning with harwoood driving school. i passed first time today with only 3 minors. Dan is professional and always there when he says he will be, and will teach you how to drive safely whilst still enjoying driving, wouldn't hesitate reccomending to friends, family and anyone else looking to drive.
Harwood Driving School Alexander Young Rating:5 out of5
Alexander Young Review
Alexander Young
7th Apr, 2017
I am very happy with the service at Harwood Driving School. I passed my driving test first time today with just three minors after 15 hours of tuition. The Golf is a great car to learn in and the 2.0 litre turbo is always fun. My driving lessons in Bolton took me through various road and traffic conditions. Dan was very patient and explained things clearly. I enjoyed learning road craft and driving at higher speeds safely over the moors. I am very happy to recommend Dan to friends and family
Harwood Driving School Callum Halpin Rating:5 out of5
Callum Halpin Review
Callum Halpin
21st Mar, 2017
Excellent instructor, great car, thanks to Mark I passed first time. highly recommend to all those considering driving lessons!
Harwood Driving School James Hardman Rating:5 out of5
James Hardman Review
James Hardman
1st Mar, 2017
Brilliant!! Outstanding service!! 110% recommendations all round. Just passed my driving test First Time with Zero faults!! A perfect drive thanks to a perfect instructor! After only 12 hours of driving lessons with Dan!! Forget the rest and get with the most advanced driver in the area if you want to be passed First Time!!
Harwood Driving School Sam Banister Rating:5 out of5
Sam Banister Review
Sam Banister
3rd Feb, 2017
Outstanding driving school, just passed my driving test first time here at bolton with Dan. A real plessure to have Dan as a tutor who is very easy to get along with and talk to. If your looking for lessons in Harwood or the Bolton area I strongly recommend Dan as everyone I know has passed first time with him - including me! Thanks Dan
Harwood Driving School Tom Hamer Rating:5 out of5
Tom Hamer Review
Tom Hamer
12th Jan, 2017
Passed first time today with 2 minors! Overall a great experience learning to drive at Harwood driving school. Each lesson was targeted at my needs to develop, and the result was passing first time in 26 lessons from start to finish. If your looking for driving lessons in Bolton and surrounding areas this is the one and I highly recommend Dan for his high quality training
Harwood Driving School Jorge Davis Rating:5 out of5
Jorge Davis Review
Jorge Davis
3rd Jan, 2017
The best start to a new year ever! Passed my driving test first time today at Bolton driving test centre. I need a push every now again and Dan worked really hard on getting me through, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, I'm completely over the moon! I can now cut my traveling time to work down by two third, overall the driving lessons were informative and progressive and I achieved the result I wanted, highly recommended for driving lessons around the local Bolton area.
Harwood Driving School Will Gallie Rating:5 out of5
Will Gallie Review
Will Gallie
30th Dec, 2016
Learning with Dan was extremely fun and his methods of teachings enabled me to learn how to drive rather than just pass the test. He was easy to get along with and helped me with all areas I was unsure about. I would highly recommend using Dan to learn how to drive as I loved my time learning with him and passed first time!
Harwood Driving School Annabell Young Rating:5 out of5
Annabell Young Review
Annabell Young
20th Dec, 2016
Excellent - I just passed first time! Highly recommended if you want to pass first time too! My friend passed first time with Dan and recommended him to me and I'm really happy with the service I received from Harwood driving school! Can't wait to drive my little car around!
Harwood Driving School Adam Vela Rating:5 out of5
Adam Vela Review
Adam Vela
16th Dec, 2016
Very highly recommended, Got through my driving test on my first attempt today with Dans help. I can't write enough good things about how well my learning to drive went. If your looking for a great driving instructor who is local, don't hesitate to choose Harwood Driving School
Harwood Driving School Caitlin Pendlebury Rating:5 out of5
Caitlin Pendlebury Review
Caitlin Pendlebury
9th Dec, 2016
Drive of the week! that's what the examiner told me today, I have just passed with just one minor fault. I wanted to learn to drive to have a new life skill and to open up other opportunities for work. I chose Dan after reading through his website and was quite impressed with what I saw! I always felt comfortable while learning with Dan and I honestly can't thank him enough for bringing me to this standard of driving. I feel completely confident on the road and can't wait to get the car I've had my eye on all week. I can't recommend Dan enough for anyone who wants to learn to drive and get a new life skill
Harwood Driving School Nicole Chadwick Rating:5 out of5
Nicole Chadwick Review
Nicole Chadwick
7th Dec, 2016
I chose Harwood Driving School because my family and friends passed first time with Dan. I also wanted to learn quickly and pass first time, so Dan was the obvious choice when choosing a driving instructor! He is very supportive, knowledgeable and a little funny at times which helped keep me calm. I quickly became confident and really looked forward to each driving lesson. Dan helped me to get through and I also passed first time today! I would strongly recommend Dan Ison to anyone wanting to learn to drive safely and correctly. Thank you.
Harwood Driving School Megan Lord Rating:5 out of5
Megan Lord Review
Megan Lord
1st Dec, 2016
Dan is a brilliant driving instructor! With his dedication and encouragement I passed my driving test first time today. He is very friendly, down to earth and tries to be funny – bless him! Right from the word go he put me at ease and gave me confidence in learning to drive. Everything just seemed to flow and he made driving seem simple and easy to understand. I dreaded the manoeuvres, but he went through them step by step until I was fully confident with them. It was the same with dual carriageways – again, he introduced them gradually until I was driving up and down St. Peters way easily. My personal safety when driving on the road is very important to me, I always felt safe in the car with Dan, but I was worried about the risks involved with other drivers and how they would impact on me. However, he showed me how to manage the risks they pose as we learned around Bolton. Highly recommended if you want to learn driving properly, safely and pass first time!
Harwood Driving School Rebecca Harding Rating:5 out of5
Rebecca Harding Review
Rebecca Harding
29th Nov, 2016
After taking driving lessons in Bolton with Dan Ison, I have passed my driving test on my first attempt with Harwood driving school. I had previously driven with another local driving school and didn't feel I was really getting anywhere, this is when I realised I needed someone professional and highly experienced in order to learn to drive properly. Investing in Dan as your driving instructor is excellent value for your money as Dan is an advanced motorist with National awards and loads of Advanced Driving Certificates, he is the most qualified instructor I could find in Bolton. As a direct result of choosing Dan to teach me to drive I know my driving skills are now to a very high standard, giving me the confidence and security I needed to stay safe on the roads. While I was learning with Dan I cross referenced my training with my friends who were also training with other driving schools, When I mentioned limit points, car stability when cornering, Roadcraft and the correct definitions of Dual carriageways they would often draw a blank. I began to realise quickly his teaching was something much more, different and unique. I always felt secure in my investment with Harwood driving school and am happy to report it has produced valuable results for me. Right from the first driving lesson until the day of my test Dan gave the very best service in terms of being reliable, concise, patient and understanding. Dan's teaching is very Organic and mostly on the move, meaning I spent most of my time learning to drive and not sitting by the side of the road, being trained from script as is often the case with other instructors. Dan is always happy soul and is easy to be around, and I always felt safe and comfortable in his driving tuition car. After each lesson I felt satisfied I had made good progress and was always prepared for my next driving lessons. If you looking for professional driving lessons in Bolton, along with top quality training, good financial value and excellent customer service I highly recommend learning with Dan at Harwood driving School
Harwood Driving School Emma Mack Rating:5 out of5
Emma Mack Review
Emma Mack
28th Oct, 2016
Just had a fantastic experience with Harwood driving school as I've just passed my practical driving test 1st time in Bolton. I started to learn to drive with Dan as a beginner and he has taught me all the way through with patience and taught me everything to pass 1st time, I feel euphoric now am on the road. I highly recommend Dan if you are looking for a good driving instructor ?????
Harwood Driving School Elizabeth Helps Rating:5 out of5
Elizabeth Helps Review
Elizabeth Helps
17th Oct, 2016
Thanks Dan for teaching me to drive to a standard where I passed first time today. Dan is a great instructor! I found the whole experience fun and enjoyable. Training is a two way street and Dan's approach worked great with me. During our time on the road dan taught me to deal with a variety of traffic situations, including the ones that can take you by surprise. My overall standard of driving went up very fast with each lesson and we constantly looked for opportunities to improve my driving techniques. I had a lot of input as we tailored the lessons to suit my needs. Dan is always flexible and on time for my driving lessons and never missed a lesson. His punctuality with me is 100%. I always felt safe, settled and confident while driving with Dan and would highly recommend him for lessons around Bolton if you really want to pass first time. My advice: Always book two hour lessons if you can. It's a lot of concentration and thinking and you will get a lot more out of each session than if you did several one hour lessons. Thanks Dan for helping me pass first time. Elizabeth Helps, Bolton
Harwood Driving School Janey Cribbin Rating:5 out of5
Janey Cribbin Review
Janey Cribbin
13th Oct, 2016
Dan provides a great service, is friendly and always ready to help students out at Harwood driving school. Today I passed my driving test first time in Bolton. Ever since day one, he has been very reassuring giving me positive guidance, is very easy to get along with, while maintaining his high standard of professionalism. At every step of our driving journey and during each lesson he was very helpful in highlighting the steps to take in order to improve my driving skills. Manouvers were given simple to follow instructions and the driving lesson always felt comfortable and safe. In the first lessons he assesses what your current skill level is, in a relaxed way, and then trailers the learning experience to suit you as an individual. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dan as my driving instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take up driving lessons. Many thanks, Janey Cribbin
Harwood Driving School Collette Taylor Rating:5 out of5
Collette Taylor Review
Collette Taylor
16th Sep, 2016
Dan provides an excellent coaching training at service at Harwood driving school. I was a really nervous pupil to begin with as I had never been behind the wheel of a car before. My driving lessons took place around Bolton and Bury in a friendly and motivated environment. Dan identifies your needs and opportunities to develop your confidence and driving skills in a reassuring way. The whole experience was interesting, fun and enjoyable. I can't fault Dan for his commitment to his pupils passing first time like I did today, like my friends have done. I don't think I could of become such a confident and safe driver without the help of a professional driver like Dan. Highly recommend, 10/10 A+++. Collette Taylor - Harwood, Bolton. less ▲
Harwood Driving School Olivia Hamer Rating:5 out of5
Olivia Hamer Review
Olivia Hamer
18th Aug, 2016
Great Instructor for lessons in Little lever, HIGHLY recommended.
Harwood Driving School Matt Brock Rating:5 out of5
Matt Brock Review
Matt Brock
9th Aug, 2016
I just want to write about the fantastic experience I have had with Harwood Driving School. I passed my practical driving test today first time with only one minor driving fault. Dan is very reassuring, giving praise and constructive criticism when necessary. He is also very thorough giving attention to detail in all aspects of driving lessons in Bolton. He is very down to earth and honest. I found Harwood Driving School to be really good value for money, and would recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a high quality driving school in Bolton.
Harwood Driving School Emma Longmire Rating:5 out of5
Emma Longmire Review
Emma Longmire
4th Aug, 2016
I had a great experience with Harwood Driving school, and Dan is a great instructor. He helped me pass my driving test first time today, with just 1 minor point. My family wanted to ensure I was a safe driver for life and following my training I feel confident that I am. If you are looking for driving lessons in Bolton, I would highly recommend Dan for his professionalism and high standard of quality with his teaching. Throughout the lessons I always felt safe and feel the improvements in my driving happening week by week. If you want a fresh approach to driving lessons choose Dan, I was glad I did.
Harwood Driving School Tiffany Barker Rating:5 out of5
Tiffany Barker Review
Tiffany Barker
12th Jul, 2016
Dan is very patient, kind and friendly and I always felt very safe learning to drive with him. If you're looking for driving lessons in Bolton, Radcliffe or Bury, go ahead and call Harwood driving school
Harwood Driving School Julia Wadeson Rating:5 out of5
Julia Wadeson Review
Julia Wadeson
4th Jul, 2016
Thanks to Dan I just passed my driving test at Bolton test centre, first time! With only 3 minors. The best thing about learning with Dan is his teaching is structured and organic, the whole experience seemed natural and the driving skills came quickly to me. During our driving lessons around Bolton, Dan made sure everything we did was safe, and because of that I am very confident in my driving ability. Dan was never late and always concentrated on the content of the session. There was no waffling or story telling that my friends say their instructors do. If you learn to drive with Dan and harwood driving school, you'll be learning with a first class instructor who will give you a very high chance of passing first time... Like I did today!
Harwood Driving School Jacob Sandland Rating:5 out of5
Jacob Sandland Review
Jacob Sandland
26th May, 2016
Buzzin!!! Passed my driving test first time at Bolton driving test centre, with only four minors. After previously having two other driving instructors I felt I was getting nowhere fast and I was being overcharged for the quality of training received. So I searched online for driving lessons in Bolton, and came across Dan at Harwood driving school. I decided to give him a call, and straight away I felt at ease. From our first phone call It was clear how knowledgable and professional Dan is. and I was immediately looking forward to restarting my driving lessons. What can I share with you about Dan - Dan is a very calm and patient driving instructor, he is very big on safe driving, but also very understanding and approachable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience, and if you are looking for a fab instructor to take driving lessons with, I strongly recommend him for the Bolton area.
Harwood Driving School Aimee Smith Rating:5 out of5
Aimee Smith Review
Aimee Smith
20th May, 2016
Thanks Dan, passed first time. Learning to drive was a great experience and I feel I am now a confident driver. Every lesson I felt safe and comfortable and I feel I had I really high level of instruction. Im really happy and I can't thank you enough.
Harwood Driving School Gareth Staple Jones Rating:5 out of5
Gareth Staple Jones Review
Gareth Staple Jones
19th May, 2016
When deciding to learn to drive, I looked around many driving schools till I found Dan. I passed on the cheap looking driving schools and those with long obviously scripted home written reviews. I find his teaching methods very calming, constructive and progressive. In fact he's the calmest person I've ever met. The advanced driving techniques he teaches are really eye opening when it comes to car control and safety! With every lesson I'm progressing really well and I'll be passing very soon. I would highly recommend Dan if you're looking for driving lessons in Bolton and want to do it right le
Harwood Driving School Mark Gregory Rating:5 out of5
Mark Gregory Review
Mark Gregory
29th Apr, 2016
Highly recommended! I passed my ADI Part 2 first time yesterday with just one minor. Dan also guided me through my ADI Part 1 with a first time pass 100% theory. I have been driving for over 30 years, although many things had changed since I passed my driving test, the lessons have always been enjoyable and an eye opener, he has a positive attitude and always encouraged me. If you are looking to take advanced driving lessons in Bolton, I would highly recommend you call Dan at Harwood driving school to get the result your looking for. Thanks Dan :)
Harwood Driving School Chloe Heapy Rating:5 out of5
Chloe Heapy Review
Chloe Heapy
22nd Apr, 2016
Before meeting Dan I had quite a few lessons with a well known driving school and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I then called Dan at Harwood Driving School and immediately saw the difference in the teaching quality and style. I have just passed my driving test first time today at Bolton with only 3 minor driving faults. During my driving lessons with Dan I felt very safe and in control. He helped to build my confidence back up and was always punctual. But if you drive with Dan you will find his teaching fantastic however his jokes are poor. I have recommended Dan already to my friends and family for driving lessons in Bolton, I would also highly recommend to anyone looking for a decent driving school in Bolton to give Dan a ring. I'm so happy that I chose Dan and you will be to.
Harwood Driving School Lauren Brabiner Rating:5 out of5
Lauren Brabiner Review
Lauren Brabiner
18th Apr, 2016
After using a famously named driving school in Bolton, I became a little bit disappointed as my instructor never turned up and when they did they were late by around an hour. Dan was recommended to me by a friend as she mentioned he was reliable and enthusiastic about driving. Since taking driving lessons in Bolton with Dan I am making steady progress and I am enjoying my driving lessons. He explains everything clearly and makes sure to go over things again and again until I am competent in the procedure. If you are looking for driving lessons in Bolton I thoroughly recommend Harwood Driving School, run by Dan, you won't be disappointed.
Harwood Driving School Vanessa Barlow Rating:5 out of5
Vanessa Barlow Review
Vanessa Barlow
7th Apr, 2016
Passed my driving test first time today thanks to Dan! I have really enjoyed my driving lessons in Bolton with Dan, despite his corny jokes he's a really great driving instructor. He's very patient, calm and helped build my confidence whilst learning to drive. I was really nervous when I first started but soon this passed. A lot of people I know have passed first time with Dan - including my partner Steven who recommended me. So if you are thinking of driving lessons in Bolton I highly recommend Dan at Harwood Driving School. He puts so much time into your lessons and wants the best for his students to be sure you pass your driving test first time and drive safely for life. Thanks again Dan :)
Harwood Driving School Daria Siacola Rating:5 out of5
Daria Siacola Review
Daria Siacola
10th Mar, 2016
I passed today with 2 Minors. Dan was patient with me and even though I was nervous I got there. Recommended for Driving lessons in Bolton
Harwood Driving School Lewis Warner Rating:5 out of5
Lewis Warner Review
Lewis Warner
22nd Feb, 2016
1st Time pass with Dan from Harwood driving school. Well structured lessons and very helpful with theory questions.
Harwood Driving School Megan Levell Rating:5 out of5
Megan Levell Review
Megan Levell
22nd Feb, 2016
Passed first time with only 1 minor. Almost a clear drive. Great driving instuctor and nice car to learn in. Highly recommended
Harwood Driving School Zach Price Rating:5 out of5
Zach Price Review
Zach Price
22nd Feb, 2016
I feel very good as I have passed my driving test first time at Bolton test centre after three months of lessons around the Bolton area with harwood driving school. I have saved a fortune because most driving schools can cost a lot more for less quality tuition, as I have had with my previous driving instructor. Dan Is a very experienced Advanced motorist himself with learning to drive safely at heart and not just to pass the test. Each lesson was structured around my personal learning abilities and didn't move on till I was competent in each step. My sister in law found Dan on the internet via his professionally designed website. I have no reservations in recommending Harwood driving school for anyone wanting to take driving lesson in the Bolton area, and who want to pass first time like I did today
Harwood Driving School Gary Ainsworth Rating:5 out of5
Gary Ainsworth Review
Gary Ainsworth
12th Feb, 2016
To anybody looking for driving lessons in Bolton, I would highly recommend you give Dan at Harwood Driving School a call. After initially giving up my driving lessons due to being overly anxious about getting behind the wheel, I looked to switch driving instructors and luckily booked lessons with Dan. Dan's knowledgeable and calm approach has helped remove my nerves and I have begun to enjoy driving and look forward to my lessons. Dan uses a range of tips and advice in order to make you feel comfortable and more importantly, a safe driver on the road and when completing manoeuvres. If you happen to make a mistake, he has full control of the car with a dual-control feature ensuring your safety when learning. Dan will break down anything you feel stuck on and explain thoroughly to make it simple, along with an instructors manual to go over every aspect of driving clearly. Dan is also very reliable as he turns up on time for every lesson and ensures you get value for your money with each session. Also, the Toyota Auris is an excellent car to take your lessons in, as it feels safe and reliable which makes it easy to drive. Dan is very enthusiastic about his learners and will build your confidence from day one. I highly suggest you choose the Harwood Driving School when deciding to book your driving lessons, you won’t regret it!
Harwood Driving School Beccy Redden Rating:5 out of5
Beccy Redden Review
Beccy Redden
18th Nov, 2015
I've had a fab time with Dan learning to drive around Bolton. He has helped me enormously with my confidence, thanks to his patience and advance teaching skills. He quickly recognised and explained that I was a kinaesthetic learner and focuses his approach towards this which was brilliant for me. Dan always uses phrases which are easy to remember and visual diagrams to back up my learning experience. Needless to say I have improved each lesson with his tailored approach. I can honestly say I felt safe in every driving situation whilst in the car with Dan. He always turns up on time and never lets me down. I don't personally think that any other driving instructor providing driving lessons in Bolton would of suited me better. I am recommending Dan at Harwood driving school to all my friends who are looking for a driving instructor in Bolton. Thanks for all your help Dan.
Harwood Driving School James Walsh Rating:5 out of5
James Walsh Review
James Walsh
17th Nov, 2015
After looking around for driving lessons and a good driving instructor in Bolton, I liked the look of Dan's website for Harwood Driving School. As an IT Technician and Web Developer it was clear that this was one of the most professional websites for driving schools in Bolton. After talking with Dan on the phone this professionalism extended itself because after being driven by several other driving instructors it became very apparent that he is very knowledgeable about driving, especially advanced driving. After my poor driving experiances in the past it was refreshing to learn to drive with Dan. He is friendly, patient very calm and conscientious about the lessons. In short his teaching is fantastic, he explained The subject matter perfectly with precision and is never tardy. I'm more than happy to recommend Dan to anybody who is looking for driving lessons in the Bolton local area.
Harwood Driving School Kaycien Wong Rating:5 out of5
Kaycien Wong Review
Kaycien Wong
10th Sep, 2015
Fantastic instructor, I passed first time today with 1 minor. Always on time for every lesson you wont be disappointed if you choose Dan
Harwood Driving School Ashleigh Sheridan Rating:5 out of5
Ashleigh Sheridan Review
Ashleigh Sheridan
12th Aug, 2015
Friendly driving instructor who is very calm during training. Recommended!!
Harwood Driving School Jessica Torrance Rating:5 out of5
Jessica Torrance Review
Jessica Torrance
22nd Jul, 2015
I don't think I could have learned with a better driving school than Harwood Driving School! I was a nervous driver but Dan was really patient with me and helped me to get passed my test first time today with only four minors! He has changed my life, I'm so happy I can drive now! I'm now a motorist, not a pedestrian
Harwood Driving School Kieran Wheelan Rating:5 out of5
Kieran Wheelan Review
Kieran Wheelan
8th Jul, 2015
Choosing the right driving instructor is very hard. I spent many hours looking around at different driving schools , comparing prices and reading reviews. Eventually I settled on Dan at Harwood driving school in Bolton. Dan came up the best in terms of price , recommendations and quality of training. It was the right decision! I passed today first time with zero minors a perfect drive! This is thanks to Dan being an advanced driver having passed some of the hardest driving exams in the UK. He's also a great teacher, who explains things very clearly . I feel totally safe and confident on the roads thanks to you Dan. I can definitely recommend Harwood driving school for top quality driving lessons in Bolton ! Zero minors I'm well chuffed Ciaran Whelan
Harwood Driving School Aimee Smith Rating:5 out of5
Aimee Smith Review
Aimee Smith
22nd Jun, 2015
Thanks Dan, passed first time. Learning to drive was a great experience and I feel I am now a confident driver. Every lesson I felt safe and comfortable and I feel I had I really high level of instruction. Im really happy and I can't thank you enough.
Harwood Driving School Katie Percival Rating:5 out of5
Katie Percival Review
Katie Percival
11th Jun, 2015
So glad I found Exceptional! Dan is a great teacher and explains everything really well. I had previously been learning with another instructor with little success - but from the first lesson with Dan I gained confidence in my ability and was really pleased with the standard of tuition. Dan takes obvious pride in teaching people not just how to pass the driving test, but also how to drive safely and at a more advanced level. So pleased to pass my test today, and with only one minor!
Harwood Driving School Kelly Jones Rating:5 out of5
Kelly Jones Review
Kelly Jones
8th Jun, 2015
A brilliant driving instructor! I thought I'd be an awful driver however Dan Is so reassuring and has boosted my confidence loads! Can't fault him one bit. Iv not had many lessons however I have progressed more than I ever thought I would in such a short time thanks to dan. Not like other instructors who will just keep you for your money he's honest and it's clear that he knows what he's doing. Thanks dan
Harwood Driving School Taryn Humphreys Rating:5 out of5
Taryn Humphreys Review
Taryn Humphreys
1st Jun, 2015
Finally passed my test thanks Dan! I suffer terribly with nerves and thought I wouldn't find anyone patient enough to get me through my test. But I've finally got there, with help and encouragement from Dan. I would highly recommended exceptional driving school for anyone who needs help with their nerves. THANKS DAN!!!!
Harwood Driving School Shona Threlfall Rating:5 out of5
Shona Threlfall Review
Shona Threlfall
22nd May, 2015
I made the right decision to learn with dan he his teaching methods are very calming he is a safe instructor and I have learnt loads I would definitely recommend dan as a driving instructor thanks
Harwood Driving School Daniella Aldred Rating:5 out of5
Daniella Aldred Review
Daniella Aldred
20th May, 2015
Passed my test today, so happy! Dan is a fantastic and patient driving instructor, he has given me the ability and confidence to drive safely. It is always reassuring when your learning with such an advanced driver like Dan is, I felt safe throughout all my lessons, even though I was nervous to begin with. You have changed my life. Independence here I come! Thanks for everything Dan.
Harwood Driving School Steven Faukes Rating:5 out of5
Steven Faukes Review
Steven Faukes
20th Mar, 2015
Dan is a fantastic instructor, his teaching methods, skill at explaining procedures on the road, patience and dedication gave me the confidence and ability to pass first time with only one minor. Dan made learning to drive an enjoyable experience (if you ignore his cheesy jokes ha) he's easy to get along with and i would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Harwood Driving School Carl Samon Rating:5 out of5
Carl Samon Review
Carl Samon
24th Nov, 2014
Dan is a top notch driving instructor getting me through my lessons to test pass at Bury. Defintely recommended anytime
Harwood Driving School Steven Moore Rating:5 out of5
Steven Moore Review
Steven Moore
1st Oct, 2014
Best driving instructor around he explains to you how to drive safely on the road and also with his experience you wont need many lessons with him because he explains it clearly and precise the best thing for me was that he gave me lessons just before my test and he really wanted me to pass 1st time which I did thanks to him with only 9 minors :) I feel I am now a very confident and safe driver thanks to Dan I appreciate it very much thanks again. Steve Moore, Radcliffe 1st time passer less
Harwood Driving School Roan Hodgeson Rating:5 out of5
Roan Hodgeson Review
Roan Hodgeson
20th Aug, 2014
Dan is an incredible instructor who made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. He is a calm and patient instructor and has not only helped me pass first time but also taught be to be more confident on the road. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch instructor, and just want to say thank you again for your help.
Harwood Driving School Liam Davis Rating:5 out of5
Liam Davis Review
Liam Davis
21st May, 2014
Passing today was the best buzz, Thanks Dan for all your help
Harwood Driving School Jennifer Darlington Rating:5 out of5
Jennifer Darlington Review
Jennifer Darlington
20th Feb, 2014
I really enjoyed my time learning to drive. Dan is an exceptionally clear, patient and understanding man who I found to be a fantastic teacher. He is extremely conscientious about teaching you to drive well and ensuring that you understand everything! Dan was very flexible around my schedule and I always felt very comfortable and safe driving with him. I would definitely recommend
Harwood Driving School Sanjay Savanni Rating:5 out of5
Sanjay Savanni Review
Sanjay Savanni
27th Nov, 2013
The name says it all. Dan pointed out 3 minors in my generic driving before the test. I got 3 minors what Dan pointed out, in the test. Seven 2hr lessons and I passed. He's the Godfather of driving instructors. SIMPLES
Harwood Driving School Sarah Moss Rating:5 out of5
Sarah Moss Review
Sarah Moss
21st Nov, 2013
A much better experience than learning with the AA. Passed today with only 1 fault. Dan was very Helpful and kept me at ease. definately recommended to get you through your test
Harwood Driving School Lindsay Maylor Rating:5 out of5
Lindsay Maylor Review
Lindsay Maylor
24th Oct, 2013
First time pass! I was so nervous but Dan soon had me confident and here I am. Highly recommended!
Harwood Driving School Danny Henderson Rating:5 out of5
Danny Henderson Review
Danny Henderson
11th Sep, 2013
Could not have done it without Dan. Had a great laugh and then passed! Call Dan if you want to pass your driving test.
Harwood Driving School Jack Berry Rating:5 out of5
Jack Berry Review
Jack Berry
20th Aug, 2013
I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Dan for giving me the confidence and ability to pass my test first time after only a few months of lessons. He strived on improving me as a driver whilst providing a high quality professional service unparalleled by any other instructor in the area. It says it all in the name 'exceptional' and that's exactly what you get. Right down to the choice of car which is comfortable and easy to learn in. It's also not very often you hear the examiner praise the driving instructor as well as the driver after passing.Dan's passion and enthusiasm for his students is evident as he prides himself on developing his students into a high standard of driver. I would 100% recommend harwood driving school because of Dan's patience and professionalism. The structure to his lessons were clear and concise and he gave me a realistic time frame to push me to succeed.
Harwood Driving School Francesca Fernside Rating:5 out of5
Francesca Fernside Review
Francesca Fernside
9th Aug, 2013
Great Driving Instructor - Had a great learning experience - Highly recommended
Harwood Driving School Matt Chandler Rating:5 out of5
Matt Chandler Review
Matt Chandler
8th Aug, 2013
A big thanks to Dan for getting me through a first time pass! His always 100% professional, personalised teaching has helped me gain a quality skill. My initial anxieties about driving are long forgotten as he made me feel comfortable, confident and excited about driving. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone looking to learn how to drive, not just pass the test. Thanks again, it was a lot of fun learning to drive with you. Matt
Harwood Driving School Ryan Bez Rating:5 out of5
Ryan Bez Review
Ryan Bez
17th Jul, 2013
Passed 1st time today. now I can drive the car thats been sitting outside waiting or me! appreciated all your help in getting through. Dan you were great!
Harwood Driving School Luke Gatcliffe Rating:5 out of5
Luke Gatcliffe Review
Luke Gatcliffe
19th Jun, 2013
Dan has been very Helpful and I passed 1st time today. Thanks Dan
Harwood Driving School Courtney Graham Rating:5 out of5
Courtney Graham Review
Courtney Graham
17th Jun, 2013
Daniel is a really good instructor to learn with and would recommend him to anyone thinking about taking lessons. He is patient and doesn't get annoyed if you make a mistake. When I first started driving I was really nervous, but Daniel taught me to be more confident on the road and I ended up passing my test first time!
Harwood Driving School Paul Silcock Rating:5 out of5
Paul Silcock Review
Paul Silcock
21st Feb, 2013
Just a note to say its been a pleasure learning to drive with you Dan. I will definitely be recommending you to my family and friends. I'm Really happy with today's result, as so much depended on me getting through.
Harwood Driving School Liam Thorpe Rating:5 out of5
Liam Thorpe Review
Liam Thorpe
11th Feb, 2013
After looking for a good driving school in Bolton, I settled on Harwood driving school run by Dan Ison. I'm glad I did, his driving lessons were very professional, at advanced driving standards. And result! I passed first time today with only 3 minors despite being a little nervous on the day. Thanks again Dan, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who wants to find a top driving school in Bolton.
Harwood Driving School Steven Cavanagh Rating:5 out of5
Steven Cavanagh Review
Steven Cavanagh
20th Dec, 2012
Following an accident on my motorcycle I decided that after 7 months, it was time to say goodbye to my cold, damp and sometimes dangerous commute to work and hello to Dan who helped guide me through 20 lessons to my test in just 6 weeks, resulting in a first time pass with only 2 minors. I found Dan to be the perfect tutor, a patient, honest and diligent man, who took great pride in ensuring that I was not only up to test standard, but that I would also be safe for the many road miles that lie ahead of me.Thanks again Dan for the perfect start to the New Year, it's been a pleasure! less
Harwood Driving School Mohammed Khan Rating:5 out of5
Mohammed Khan Review
Mohammed Khan
8th Nov, 2012
Just an email to say 'thank you' to Harwood for helping me pass my driving test at the first attempt. My instructor always explained everything really well - which helped me pass my driving test after having only 7 hours of lessons with him. Most of all, thank you for being so flexible with timings which helped me book an earlier test date; I was desperate to at least experience the test as soon as possible, and being able to pass it with 5 minor faults on the first attempt was a real bonus. Having taken 2 lessons prior with the AA driving school in Bolton (near work), I can definitely say Harwood are far better and I would always recommend you to anyone looking to take lessons. Thanks for everything