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Terms & Conditions

By contacting us and arranging for driver training of any kind you agree to the following terms and conditions:-

All trainees must hold a signed provisional or full driving licence on commencement of training, and must satisfy the DVSA eyesight requirement.

  • INSURANCE: Fees include trainee's cover for insurance liability claims whilst driving the schools vehicles, providing that the trainee is duly licensed to drive and is accompanied on test by a DVSA examiner or under direction of the instructor.
  • PAYMENTS: Harwood driving school reserves the right to charge for training not cancelled with at least 48 hours before the date booked. Payment for training must be made in advance. Prepayments are refundable entirely on the managements discretion.
  • OFFICIAL DRIVING TESTS: Harwood driving school reserves the right to withhold the driving school car for the driving test if, in the instructors opinion, the trainee does not reach the required standard.
  • The driving test fee will be forfeited if at least three clear days notice is not given to the DVSA. This does not include Sundays, Bank holidays, the day of cancellation or the day of the test.
  • APPOINTMENTS: Whilst every effort will be taken to provide clients with the training at the requested time and with the instructor as booked, all bookings are on the undertaking that Harwood driving school is not responsible for the deferment of training due to unfavorable weather conditions, mechanical breakdown of equipment or any other cause. Neither can Harwood driving school be responsible for driving test appointments postponed by the Driver and vehicle standards agency.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY: Generally every endeavour is made to safeguard the personal property of any trainee, but we point out that Harwood driving school accepts no liability whatsoever for jewellery, cash, clothing or any other property that may be left in the training vehicles or on their premises.