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DIAmond is the UK only government accredited advanced driver and rider development programme wholly delivered by regulated, professional trainers and examiners and available to both individual motorists and fleets alike.

The DIAmond advanced test lasts 60 minutes and covers a variety of roads and where possible motorways, rural roads and an emergency stop exercise. You will be expected to do at least 2 manoeuvres involving reversing and demonstrate eco-safe driving. A pass will be awarded if you achieve no serious or dangerous faults and you do not exceed 6 driver faults.

The DIAmond Special Test is aimed at drivers and professional driver trainers who want to take their driving or riding to the highest level.
Going beyond the DIAmond Advanced Test, and adding new elements such as commentary driving, it is the perfect springboard on to opening up your career as a driver trainer.Perhaps the most demanding driving qualification outside of the emergency services, the DIAmond Special Test proves you’ve got what it takes.

The test lasts for 90 minutes and is assessed over a route of mixed driving. You need fewer than three faults to pass and any fault must not be repeated. The Special Test also includes a commentary driving element and candidates are expected to have a thorough understanding of eco-safe driving.

The Cardington Special Driving Test:
Only qualified driving instructors are allowed to take this exam. It is conducted at the DVSA training establishment close to the village of Cardington in Bedfordshire. A very high standard of driving is expected.
A permanent senior staff instructor conducts the test. You will drive for 90 minutes around a varied route but there will be a predominance of higher speed driving. It requires a very high standard of driving to be consistently displayed whilst driving on all types of road, including a motorway and a variety of road situations. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a positive, courteous attitude and the ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle, safely, systematically and smoothly. A high consistent driving competence based on concentration, effective observation, anticipation and planning is expected. In particular you must demonstrate:

  • Expert handling of controls
  • Use of correct road procedure
  • Anticipation of the actions of other road users and taking appropriate action
  • Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing
  • Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users
  • Only three (3) minor driving faults are allowed, but not the same faults repeated. In other words, there must not be any patterns of error.
  • ADIs who pass this examination are recognised by the DVSA as amongst the most professional drivers in the industry

All successful candidates who achieve a Grade A [3 faults or less] pass mark will be sent a certificate.

Test Grades
All tests carried out by the DVSA are marked on a four grade, A to D which are;
A - Able to demonstrate a high standard of driving competence, to have a knowledge of the principles of good driving and possess the ability to apply them
B - A safe and skillful driver who is able to demonstrate the ability to be safe at all times, but lacking the high standard of driving competence required of a Grade A driver
C - Able to drive at a level somewhat above that of a learner driver, but lacking in some of the car handling skills of Grade B and not able to demonstrate the high standard of driving competence required of Grade A
D - Not able to demonstrate a good safe drive, and involving some degree of potential or actual danger at times