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Myself Lynne Fitzharris

I currently run Lifetime Driving Standards I am a highly Advanced Driver with over 27 years experience with the DVSA, in particular the last 15 years as an Assistant Chief Driving Examiner. I work in association with Dan at Harwood Driving School.

I spent three years with the Modernising Driver Training team based at our headquarters’ in Nottingham, during that time I was part of the team that wrote and implemented the National Standard for Driver & Rider Training (NOS).

We recognised that Client Centred Learning (CCL) the approach, is based on the understanding that individuals will engage with the learning process more, and that they will learn in an active way, if they believe that their needs are being respected. In this way the things a pupil learns, are much more likely to appear relevant and important to them after they have passed their test. Also, in developing a CCL philosophy and coaching skills, driving instructors will go a long way to enhancing road safety.

CCL is the way forward for all learning and development, and as such I designed and initially delivered a CCL training programme at Cardington to all the examiner trainers. I then rolled out a bespoke CCL training package to all the examiners involved with assessing the ADI part 3 and the old Check Test.

During the next 3 years I led the team that was responsible for design of the New competency-based Standards Check. I designed and rolled out a bespoke training programme across the DVSA to all those examiners responsible for assessing the ADI part 3 and the Standards Check.

I then designed and delivered a Quality Control process to across DVSA, to ensure the General Public in particular Potential Driving Instructors (PDI) and Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s), continues to have confidence that uniform and consistent standards are applied by all ADI examiners responsible for assessing the ADI qualification process.